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Dr. Xinyue Ye


Dr. Jiajun Qiao

Visiting Scholar

Dr. Jiajun Qiao’s research focuses on Economic Geography, especially on rural economic development. His work won the national youth geographical science and technology award from the Geographical Society of China in 2009 and he received the tenth young university teacher award from Huo Yingdong Education Foundation in 2006, and he was employed for the national degree authorization audit communication evaluating expert from The State Council in 2005. He has 3 monographs named Rural Community Space of China, Rural Territorial Economy of China, and Quantitative Research of Man-land Relationship System in Typical Rural Region in the Science Press and other 10 collaborations including Geography of Rural Households, Regional analysis and Planning Guide, Developing China’s West: A Critical Path to Balanced National Development and so on, and he has about 150 journal articles on the rural development in China. In all of his publications and efforts, Dr Qiao tries to foster the spatial interface theory (SIT) and prove that the application of SIT in rural China.

Dr. Qiao is the director of Regional Development and Planning Research Center, Henan University since 2009, and a provincial distinguished professor since 2012. Recent and current main research projects include The development models and mechanism of the different village-level economy in typical rural area (National Science Foundation of China, NSFC Grants 40801064), Spatial pattern and formation mechanism of specialized villages concentration in the typical rural China (NSFC Grants 41171150), and the MOE project of key research institute of humanities and social sciences at universities from the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China (No14JJD790011). Since 2013, he serves as editor-in-chief of Journal of Henan University, a leading CSSCI journal in Chinese humanistic and social science.

Dr. Guotian Cai

Visiting Scholar

Dr. Guotian Cai’s research focuses on energy strategy and policy in different perspectives. He has hosted fifteen research projects funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, CAS, National Natural Science Foundation of China and other governmental departments. He has published over 20 journal articles and edited or co-edited 5 books.

Dr Cai now is trying to integrate space-time analysis with the Guangdong’s energy strategy spatial decision and spatial management researching, to optimize the allocation of energy resources and to promote energy policies’ innovation and effective implementation from the top-level design to the full project process based on spatial perspective.

Jie Liu

Visiting Scholar

Mrs Jie Liu research focuses on public policy, low-carbon development, industrial economy and urbanization. Her duty include 1.study the operation situation of the local government's policies, found the problem, and put forward improvement suggestion and report to the government policy makers. 2. research other provinces or countries economy and society policies and compare with Ningxia’s policies and then put forward suggestion for development local economy and society.3. participate in the development of local government policies.

Dr. Jicai Dai

Visiting Scholar

Dr. Jicai Dai is a research scientist in cartography and geographic information system. His research and teaching interests are the integration of disaster relief and management disaster, including three areas.

A. Optimal disaster relief resource allocation, site selection for the storehouse.

B. Multi-agent model with sites location optimization, path selection and area optimization for disaster alleviation.

C. Spatial analysis, complex networks and complex system.

Dr. Quan Li

Visiting Scholar

Dr. Li’s research focuses on simulation of urban land use change, evaluation of urban land use efficiency, and early-warning of urban sprawl. He has co-edited three books and about 20 journal articles. In all of his publications and efforts, Dr. Li tries to study urban land use and urban sprawl from spatial and three-dimensional perspective.

Dr. Li is an associate professor of Wuhan University since 2008. Recent and current main national research projects include Research on the spatial evolution process and optimization of urban based on spatial analysis of GIS(the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities), Research on early-warning of urban sprawl in rapid urbanization area based on GIS ( National Natural Science Foundation of China), Research on efficient utilization and regulation of urban land during urbanization of China. (National Science & Technology Pillar Program during the Twelfth Five-year Plan Period).

Dr. Xinjian Li

Visiting Scholar

Dr. Xinjian Li’s research focuses on Agricultural Technology Economic Theory & Policy, and Agricultural E-Business. Recent and current main research projects include National Science Foundation for Young Scholars of China and Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities. In all of his publications and efforts, Dr Li tries to prove that the application of space-time analytics sheds new light on socioeconomic dynamics research while research questions from socioeconomic dynamics studies push the frontier of space-time analytics innovation. Since 2011, he serves as reviewer of Chinese Journal of Management Science and Journal of Marketing Science. His work won the Research Activist of Huazhong Agricultural University in 2011, and Third Prize of Excellent Papers of Hubei Marketing Association Annual Conference in 2011.

Dr. Qingliang Zhao

Visiting Scholar

Dr. Qingliang Zhao’s research focuses on natural disaster risk assessment and emergency management. He has published in some important journals ten research papers with various topics, including coastal vulnerability to natural disasters, flood risk assessment, and impact of meteorological disasters on crop yields. He has, as the PI, secured funding from the Chinese Natural Science Foundation to study urban flood process and dynamic flood risk assessment along the hanging portion of Yellow River in 2012. Since regular flooding along Yellow River is a huge and long-lasting environmental issue in the central region of China, the hydrological dynamics of the river system have long been monitored and studied by the National Governance Committee of Yellow River, and a huge deposit of environmental data of the watershed has been developed. As an academic collaborator of the Committee, Dr. Zhao’s research has great significance in developing further understanding and knowledge of this unique ecological and environmental system and finding geospatial solutions to alleviate flooding threats to the local communities.

Weihua Yi

Visiting Scholar

Yi Weihua is an associate professor of Guangzhou Academy of Social Sciences, is one of the important researchers of the department of Soft-science of the academic, majored in the innovation policy and regional economic. Yi completed her bachelor degree in business English from Hunan University of Science and Technology and her master degree in philosophy of science and technology from South China University of Technology in 2006. her research covers a number of topics such as innovation policy and management、regional economics、spatial economics and related regional theory of economic growth.

Dr. Shengwen Li

Visiting Scholar

Dr. Shengwen Li is a visiting scholar come from China University of Geosciences. His research and teaching interests are GIS, Social media, including three areas.

Internet mapping and Web-based GIS applications.

Temporal-Spatial Analysis model and Application.

Social media data mining

Dr.Xiaoyan Zhou

Visiting Scholar

Dr. Zhou is an associate professor of Wuhan University. Her research focuses on regional development and urban and rural planning, land use policy and spatial analysis and economic modeling. She has co-edited more than 20 journal articles. Recent and current main national research projects include Research on land leasing competitive behavior of the local government in China( National Natural Science Foundation of China), Research on transfer system in China( Humanistic and Social Science Foundation of Ministry of Education of China), Research on differential land use policy in the processes of urbanization (Soft Science Foundation Ministry of Land and Resource) etc.

Zheye Wang

Phd. Student

Zhuo Chen

Master's Student

Patrick Zhao

Master's Student

Qingsong Liu

Phd Student